Technical survey of hospital facilities (2010)

Fancy title, huh?

This was my Master’s Thesis when I graduated from the Lappeenranta University of Technology in 2010.

I specified and developed an Internet application which was used to survey the condition of Finnish hospital facilities. Hospitals in Finland are rather old and their condition and suitability for the purpose could be better. To evaluate the needs for repairs, a software was needed. My Master’s thesis is about designing and writing the software and it also doubles as the technical documentation of the software.

The document is written in Finnish, except its abstract.



Degrading of hospital facilities together with the combination of hospital districts have created a need to survey the condition and suitability of existing hospital facilities to current and developing future needs.

The survey of hospital facilities is based on sets of
criteria created by experts of different fields at Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH). The development of survey processes and systems for hospital facilities was done within the Valsai -project of FIOH.

The intent of the thesis was to design and produce the
multi-user survey system which makes survey of hospital facilities and production of reports possible. The target group of the software are the surveyors of the hospital facilities and administrators of the hospital facilities who base their decisions on the results of

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