DV12 diesel locomotive in 1:32 (2023)

The DV12 is a work-in-progress, fully 3D-printed, powered diesel locomotive model. I designed the model to be fully printable with affordable printers and easy for anyone to assemble. It is big & heavy as diesels usually are. One locomotive is approximately half a meter long, and these often come in pairs. I will share .STL files with complete build instructions as they are finished, very likely for a small fee to support my hobby (more models are under construction).

1:32 scale or Spur 1 model railroads, are seen commonly prohibitively expensive for many, locomotives for example carrying a price tag of 2000 – 10 000 euros. My goal with these models is to make these large scale models available for anyone. A hobby that offers great opportunities to learn mechanical design, manufacturing, embedded electronics, software development, and some arts & crafts can’t be bad for you.

So.. warm up your printers & stay tuned. 😉

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